bargain shopping at its best

Cameron LOVES going shopping with me. Usually it goes something like this:

'Sure let's go shopping, I don't think I'll get anything though..."

then i end up finding killer deals and Cameron's car becomes very full.

(This one time after a shopping excursion to Ikea I had to sit on a folded down seat in the one foot of space that was not occupied by boxes while a very large bookcase that I couldn't pass up went from the back door all the way to the front and over the passenger seat that i should have been sitting in.)

For the last year and half I have been living with my mom. Though it has been nothing but slumber parties and sunshine I am getting ready to move out on my own. (really though, it has been nice living with my mom but we are both ready to move on, her to a different town and me to my own place). Since this will be my first apartment (by myself) I have started to acquire furniture for the first time. Luckily I am not moving for a few months so I can shop around looking for the best deals. Even more impressive is the fact that I have yet to buy something off craigslist or ksl, I have been able to find everything at stores and only one thing was from a thrift store and wasn't new.

Current deals:

Solid wood dresser from DI: $100
Two (leather?) kitchen chairs: $45
Huge leather Pottery Barn ottoman: $50
Solid wood desk: $39

total: $234

My best deal so far has definitely been the ottoman I found it at DownEast. It had been in their store for a while so it had gotten a little beat up. They normally sell it for $249 but had it marked down for the day to $50. I looked it up when I got home and apparently it is originally sold at Pottery Barn for around $700. If I can't find a good deal on a couch I figure I can push this up against a wall with some pillows and make it one.

Now I currently have:
area rug
2 kitchen chairs
4 bookshelves
bed (levi is pretty sure he will give me his)
awesome side table i painted scenery on when i was 10. it is a masterpiece.

This means i only really need to find a kitchen table and couch.
The task of moving seems so much less daunting now.

now it will take this much coke to get me through the rest of my furniture/apartment shopping.
good thing I found these the same time I found my kitchen chairs at Market Square, they were a whopping $3.50 for a 32 can pack. amazing.