My House

My house.

For the first time in my life I get to use that term, my house, MY HOUSE. Buying a house is not for everyone, but for me this was something that I have wanted for a long time. When I was 16 I moved out and ever since then I wanted a place that was mine. I went to college with things like a sewing machine, Kitchen Aid mixer, and Williams and Sonoma gadgets because that is what I liked to save up for as a teenager. I longed to have a house and slowly accumulated all the things for it, knowing it would eventually work (Levi would interject here that this was SUPER annoying since many of these "things" ended up in our office. On the plus side, our office was very homey!). Between what I had stored in our office and had in my current rental, I had enough furniture to completely furnish my 3 bedroom house (actually perhaps too much, I have this thing for chairs, it drives Levi nuts but I can't seem to stop!). I have no idea what it is like to buy furniture because you need it, like a good pair of shoes, it finds me at the randomness of times. 

The house buying process was the worst thing I have ever gone thru. The seller was, pardon my french, bat-shit crazy. I never met her, but from what I gathered she was in her mid thirties, worked a lot, had three HUGE dogs, didn't care about cleaning, "fixed" things the most ineffective way possible every time, loved the color green, and is one of the most difficult people to deal with. To put things into perspective, here is a timeline of events:

11/2 saw the house, put in offer (with 24 hours to accept)

11/13 got a contact to sign for the first time

11/14-12/4 I signed THREE addendums to the contract

01/10/18 Finally closed

Normally you know if your offer is accepted and you draw up a contract within a matter of days and close within 30. We closed over two months later! She changed the close date three times, wanted to rent from me then changed the date so she wouldn't have to pay me, drew up addendum after addendum to take things from the property like the dishwasher and chandelier, would take days--if not weeks--to get back to us about a simple question, and overall just took me for everything she could. It is a sellers market so every time I had a question or wanted something they would come back with "we have 4 other offers, take it or leave it." 

The seller also had a horrible winter. Right before she listed the house her fiance died in a tragic accident. But, she didn't tell her realtor and had him list it way before she needed to leave. I felt so bad for her, we gave her so much space and I requested that the realtors don't push her too much. But then she was horrible to deal with and it made me feel guilty that I was frustrated with this person who was going thru so much. I broke after she removed the chandelier at the last minute and refused to put up a light and left the house DISGUSTING. I also feel a little bad that the only reason I got the house is because I offered over asking and was first, the realtor was happy with our offer and went with us first because he didn't want to overwhelm the seller with a bidding war. The house had something like 5 offers the first weekend on the market.

Now on to the better parts. Here is the green beauty that was built in 1906. (the photos are from today, exactly six months since moving in).

To understand where I stared, here are some images from the listing before I bought it:

And here are my grand plans:

Also, here's my disclaimer--I am currently storing NOTHING in closets or the garage, so basically everything is out and as one of my friends said when they came over, "are you sure you aren't a hoarder?" I might be borderline, but once I have closets you won't even know!

Laundry Room:

This room is the first project out of sheer necessity. Because of the damage to the wall behind the washer I opted to re-do this before I hooked mine up. The plan was to rip out the plaster and then run electrical that made sense, replace the windows and door (that thing was GNARLY), add insulation, add sheetrock, paint, and cabinetry. 


when I started ripping out the plaster we quickly realized that NOTHING was done right. There were no exterior walls (we assume they slapped siding on a porch), no headed to hold up the roof, no real doorframe, electrical didn't make sense, no insulation (which makes the laundry pipes prone to freezing), you name it and it was wrong. Now the plan is to: re-do the entire thing except the roof and floor. Praise having a cousin who let me hire him to do the work.

Once the construction is done I will paint, match the window molding and baseboard from the living room, and have custom cabnits made for the back wall (with counter) and then above the washer/dryer.


This was quickly done to sell the house, it is the cheapest material and doesn't utilize the space. I want take down all the upper cabinets, center the sink between the windows, extend the windows to countertop height (they are there, they boarded the bottom up), ditch the range for a cooktop and double oven, finish the floors, close off the bathroom and do a huge wall of cabinetry with a double oven and small counter. So far all I have done is remove one chunk of counter to put my fridge in a normal place.

Dining Room/Entry:

New windows, new window frames (to match dining room), replace the poorly done chair-rail with something better, paint (done!), new front door.

Living Room:

New windows, paint (already done!), repair plaster damage under windows, figure out which of my travel photos to frame around my sweet custom wood map (made by Gray Skunk).

Downstairs Bedroom:

Remove carpet, replace window, get custom door for the rounded doorway, rip out closet and build a new one where the long wooden table is (this will have cabenit storage above and then a normal clothes closet with linen closet on one side).

Downstairs Bathroom:

This bathroom was such a poor design. They built a HUGE wall to encase a jetted tub (that isn't grounded none-the-less) that makes the room feel so small and blocks the window. I want to take out the wall/tub, close off the door to the kitchen, replace the vanity with a counter that is the full length of the wall, get a free-standing tub and do a lot of tite work.




Remove carpet, re-do scary closet.

Upstairs Bedroom:

Extend the room into the attic space, replace the plaster with sheetrock, make a closet in the back, add a main light. And yes, right now, this prison cell size room is just storage...

Upstairs Bathroom:

Straighten the wall out so I can have a pocket door, move all the fixtures, add a shower. Basically everything. 


This is one of my favorite projects but will cost a lot so it will be later. I want to remove the gross closet and carpet and then extend the room out into the attic and create a dormer. This would make it a fairly large space, let in sunlight and make it possible to move the bathroom door. I want to make this a library/sitting area with built in bookshelves (with a ladder, thats a must and dream!) and an amazing window seat.

Master Bedroom:

ADD CLOSETS! This room has one very tiny closet that you have to almost crawl into (kicker at the bottom that makes it super weird). I want to wall off the current closet and then add closets on both sides of the room in the unused attic space. Then remove the plaster, redo the electrical, add an overhead light/ceiling fan, add insulation and sheetrock and get more than one outlet. And yes, I am not oblivious to the fact that I have way too many clothes. When you are single you get to do whatever you want, that's the perk, right? So yeah, one day if I find someone who wants one of my custom closets, I suppose I can address the issue and get rid of a thing or two...or 50. 

Also, I feel like I should say that all my "window coverings" are just quick fixes, I need to do all of those too... (I feel like I mostly have to say that since I can't believe I have a chevron print in my house...that needs to go sooner than later!)


Well that's a whole other post! I have started some of the yard work, but it will take a long time to get things to the point where I can do fun things and not just tame what is already there.

The garage needs a lot of tender love and care, it is basically a large shed. I will add exterior lights/outlets for the patio area when I redo the laundry room and eventually I need to do something with the back yard, right now it is a shit show (literally, there is so much dog poop smashed into the ground made all nice from the heavy snow).

These projects are my dreams for the house but I am sure they will evolve as I live there and change based on the costs. I don't have a timeline so we will have to see how far my money and credit card rewards (I cash out for Home Depot gift cards at every chance I can get haha) can get me! And if you are ever in the area and feel like you need a project, by all means, stop on by.

I'm Not Your Tinder-ella


It's been a hot minute since I blogged about dating, but tonight I couldn't pass up the opportunity to angry blog my latest attempt.

I have dabbled in Tinder, I will admit it. I have met only a couple guys in person and neither ended well. But, I just turned 30 and since I realized that I spent more years of my twenties going on zero dates than years I went on dates (seriously, how is that possible with so many years at BYU?! But I have always been like that; it has never been odd to literally go years without going on a single date) I decided I should actually try and make my 30's different.

(and in full disclosure, I did go on an actual date last week--not tinder related--so I guess I have broken my two year hiatus. But he hasn't said anything about another date and is really sporadic with communication so I'm not holding my breath)

This weekend I did a Tinder binge. That is obviously when you make brownie batter, but never cook it because that's too much commitment, and eat your way thru a bunch of terrible profiles while you contemplate the need for a life partner and how many facial piercing and tattoos are too many.

I matched with a few people, but am terrified and terrible at starting conversation, so I waited. A couple guys messaged me and then you have the super fun REALLY terrible back and forth attempt at conversation with a perfect stranger that you find mildly attractive and only know roughly five facts about.

One guy was more upfront and told me he hates texting (which I can get behind. I like texting simple/funny/informative things but I don't like to have long conversations) and wanted to call me. I gave him my number, we texted a little and then we ended up talking tonight.


Here's the thing, I am awkward. I don't date and have zero confidence in my flirting skills and am very uncomfortable with my weight/how clothes fit, how young I look, and that I have no idea how to come across as a 30 year old woman (i always refer to myself as a girl) with my looks or apparently demeanor. I'm not sexy, I am "quirky" as guys like to keep telling me. And yes, I realize deep down I am none of those things, this is not an attempt to fish for compliments.

The conversation was, for the most part, enjoyable. He is quick witted, funny and seemed genuinely nice, until he kept telling me how nice he was...If you have to tell me I will doubt you. He seemed respectful and wanted to meet me in person, which I had told him twice in text I would do next weekend when I am free (I am freakishly busy right now with work and family). Even though he knew this, he started pushing for tonight. He called me close to 10pm and kept pushing for now. I'm sorry, when was the last time a truly nice guy wanted to meet a girl for the first time after 10pm?


He also kept changing the story. He wanted to chat. He wanted to get to know me. He wanted to just meet me to see if we gelled. Then it switched to he wanted to give me a foot massage ("every girl wants a foot massage! That is what pretty ladies need, I am such a nice guy, all I want in return is conversation!") but don't worry, we would meet in a public place with lots of people! 

We live in Utah, no place on a Tuesday night has a lot of people...


I told him no over and over. I have an early flight, I am already in my bed with my cloths on because I was too tired to even change when I got home... He wouldn't stop. Finally I said, "look, if there is one thing you need to know about me, it is that I am fiercely independent and don't like to be pushed. You keep mentioning tonight and I don't want to leave, I can meet you in a week and a half." He denied pushing me, then brought up meeting again and then quickly said, "we both need sleep I am going to let you go."

I replied, "this feels like it ended really badly, its not that I don't want to meet you, its that I don't want to tonight."

After the 30 minute conversation came to an abrupt end he texted me twice quickly.

"i am going to leave you alone now"

"please delete my number"

I called him out on how weird this all was and that next weekend shouldn't be such a big deal. He replied that I shouldn't date if I don't have the time, it's not fair.


NO. It is not fair assuming a girl should come to you at the drop of a hat. 

The thing that pisses me off is that he repeatedly told me that he wasn't trying to sleep with me; that this was not a booty call. Call a spade a spade, if you want to sleep with someone say it up front, if you are caging about it they will end up hating you or you will end up pushing things too far and being rape-y.

It pisses me off that some women actually go for this type of guy. Okay, he is on Tinder so he obviously isn't the best at dating, but he has a plan that has been tried and tested. He tells girls they are pretty and that he want to give them a foot massage AND IT WORKS! Don't we have more self-respect than that? Am I so cold that I am the only one that has to warm up to touching people? And for the record, I do like physical contact, just when I like know your last name and maybe how many siblings you have and what type of pet you had as a kid.

I am also pissed off because this literally sums up my dating life. Most of the guys that have shown interest have been forceful with sex (luckily early on so I avoid ever going on a date with them and have not been pushed too far in person). Does this tactic actually work for them in real life? Do girls like being talked to like sex is their only gift to mankind? I grew up hearing that the way to a man's heart was thru his stomach, they didn't ask me if I knew how to bake! hahahaha


And lastly I am pissed because even though I tell myself that I am okay, that I am attractive and smart and successful--that I have things to offer and am a "catch" guys like this break me down and destroy my self-confidence. They don't give me the time of day so I start to assume I don't deserve it, that I am not remotely attractive and all of my good qualities are actually "quirks" that people find odd and not endearing. I know that I am not like other girls, I can't tell you what a fine wine is, I laugh too hard, talk too much, tell ALL the weird stories I shouldn't and would rather make you a pie from scratch than figure out how to be flirty. (in my perfect world I make a pie, show up to a guys door, "hi, I like you, here's a pie" and then they eat it and fall madly in love we never have to do the awkward game of do they or do they not like me and we refuse to actually talk about it because would make things weird--WHICH ISN'T TRUE BY THE WAY, TALKING IS GOOD!)

Whatever happened to normal speed dating? A guy asks a girl out, they talk about life, they maybe make out, they go on more dates etc. When did it start being about sex the first time you talk? Tell me I am intelligent and attractive before you tell me I am sexy. 

So here I sit, back at page one. Back waiting for a guy to text me who may or may not be interested but I can't decide because TEXTING IS THE WORST. Back to trying to get up enough courage to try "swiping" again. Back to trying to figure out how to convince the guys in my life that are resigned to being bachelors with their self-perceived problems no one could look past, that I am worth giving a shot.

I heard growing up that there is a reason everyone older is single. Now that I am here I get it. We all have major issues and the fact that anyone gets together--and some even get married--BLOWS MY MIND.








also, its super weird that my ex-boyfriend is dating an acquaintance so I see all her posts about him. In a way it is has been oddly good because they are so great together and he seems to be so good to her, it has given me a new faith in dating and humans. He was terrible to and for me but it has been so nice to truly realize that was just us being bad for each other and he is still the good guy I always knew he was.

See? Good guys exist and so therefore I should be able to find one...


one day.



Thirty but still not Flirty

2017 was not a terrible year, in fact it was quite wonderful. The happier I get the more unhappy I realize I was in my past, (so, real sorry if I was super depressing to be around from like 2013-2016...). I still struggle with making friends/dating but I have settled into that glorious spot of adulthood where I slowly stop caring what other people think and it's making all the difference. 

So, here's my recap of my last year of my 20's, in no particular order, and maybe I should change my blog title...

I BOUGHT A HOUSE. If you can't tell by the all caps, this is a huge deal. I now have no money, a million projects and extra rooms for you to come stay in. Also, once upon a time I made it a goal to own a house before I turned 30, I came in a whole 8 days early. (crappy photos from the listing, a WHOLE post will be dedicated to this soon)

Was asked on my annual date and then promptly canceled after he sent me FIVE unsolicited selfies and one "morning love" text when we had only just met.  And for the record, he looked NOTHING like the photos he sent, please do not set me up with guys that look like Lil Wayne because you assume that is what I'm into. Also, four of those photos are basically the same, WHY?! And why is this the ONLY guy that has been openly (I'm still hoping there is secret love lurking in the hearts of the guys I want to date) into me this year?!

Traveled to France with my gal pal Paige

Traveled to northern Idaho.

Went to Philly twice in a month, I just can't seem to get enough of those crazy Kimball kids.

When I surprised Jenny with my visit to Philly, I did it at the Wait Wait Don't Tell Me show.

I forced Milo to have a photoshoot in his wedding outfit.

Levi got married. It was the most fun wedding I have ever been to. Like roaming magician, synchronized swimmers, more food than you could image, wedding. Not to mention, we are pretty stoked on the bride joining our family. 

and we roasted Levi with a video of our nieces and nephews re-enacting our most memorable moments. (below are my two, WATCH THEM, you will thank me and they are only a few seconds each).

I traveled to Los Angeles a couple times, it is a convenient place to stay for a day before I go somewhere else. And every time, at some point, five of us enevitably end up in Lynsey and Brandon's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" bed to watch Plant Earth together. 

I hired an employee, which was super easy because we have been friends for almost a decade. She listens to all my crazy stories, puts up with my way of boss-ing, encourages my party planning/forcing our neighbors to hangout with us, lets me go on vacation (I have NEVER been out of my office this much before!) and even hangs out with me sometimes outside of work! 

I did Whole 30 and lost 11lbs while eating an obscene amount of mayo.

The movie I was in, Tim Timmerman's Hope of America, finally had its theatrical release. I asked a guy to go with me (and he didn't realize I was even in it hahahaha) and had one guy, months later, recognize me at the grocery store #winning (and since that will never happen again I made him take a selfie).

I "ran" my first half marathon, actually any race over 5k, with my siblings and their spouses.

Traveled to southern Africa with my sister, Mallory, and her husband, Collin. We took two flights, one train and had three rental cars in order to cover the insane distance of 3 countries (Namibia, South Africa and Lesotho).

I was support crew for my brother and brother-in-law's 100 mile race thru the mountains of Idaho. We all got a little delirious there near the end...

I gave myself the title of work neighborhood party thrower. I think my neighbors are okay with it (solely because I feed them).

I was the stand in for the child model on a catalog photoshoot and produced my best (and only) Christmas card yet.

I learned how to brown butter and my chocolate chip cookies will never be the same.

I caught 2 bouquets and had my first "bachelor" party (i shared a hotel room with the groom, a groomsmen and a bridesmaid the night before my friends got married. The groom had graciously let me stay at his house in Norway when I visited so he didn't think it was weird at all... Europeans. We, the girls, made sure he ate breakfast and got to the temple on time so I guess it was good we were there).

I made my sisters, sister in-laws and mom travel to a cabin in Idaho for my 30th birthday. I made ALL the desserts and gave everyone gift bags, Oprah style, of all my favorite things.

My business had its best year ever, doing almost 1.5 times the volume of 2016 (and up until now that had been our best year). We also bought a forklift and I surprise everyone with my skills--often in a dress and heels.

I occasionally started dying my hair (and hands) pink.

I did not go to church. This got its own blog post and that honestly hardly covered anything. For me, it was more stressful and than peaceful and leaving has helped me feel more calm. It has also given me hope for finding a healthy relationship one day (dating and church caused more stress than I could handle, the combination is mostly responsible for the 40 lbs I gained if that gives you any indication...)

I won over my work neighbor's dog. It is one of my prouder moments, he is terrified of EVERYTHING and it took months. Now he comes to see me daily (and I like to think its for my winning personality and not just the treats...). He is disgusting, always drooling and flinging it around, but for some reason he is my favorite--next to Milo of course (and he IS Milo's favorite, he has a big old crush on Charles)

I worked way too much and often had dance parties of 1 late at night (songs of choice were: Shiny Happy People and Birdhouse In Your Soul, it was a weird year)

I spent New Years being sick and celebrating on east coast time with my sisters and their families.

I drove to Idaho to watch the eclipse. TOTALITY worth it!


I cut off at least 6 inches of hair. It was long so you probably don't notice, but it was a lot. I told myself I wasn't attached and wouldn't be sad, but then I realized I can no longer tie my hair in a knot on top of my head. I left work one day because I got too sad and frustrated that I didn't have a hair tie and couldn't tie my hair up. (the after photo is a screenshot, but even it's poor quality is better than I can fix it--your hair never looks as good as walking out of the salon)

I forced (it was pretty easy) my brother/business partner and employee to reverse trick or treat to our work neighbors. 

And I took some photos I actually love. I haven't been shooting as much as I used to, so this was a nice change.

Now what's in store for 2018?

Its been almost 2 years since I went on a legit (guy asks, plans and pays) date, maybe I should try harder, okay fine try at all, at this thing...subtle hints are obviously not working. 

I want to finish getting in shape and shed the last 20lbs I have been lugging around...

I want to read again. I moved SO MANY books into my house, I used to read all the time but the last 5 years or so I mostly iPad bad tv shows...

I will travel to Europe with my siblings and mom.

I will YouTube my way thru house repairs.

I will pay off an obscene amount of tax and loan debt.

I will NOT buy a ridiculous amount of shoes or clothes or furniture. 

I'm already pretty stoked about this whole being 30 thing.