friendly advice

(7 out of the original 10 aint too bad. i can't believe this photo is from 2007, it does not seem like 3 1/2 years ago...)

sunday was officially the last day of my summer. i decided that i should celebrate by making copious amounts of food and having my favorite long lost friends over. how did we hangout literally everyday freshmen year and now we go months without seeing each other?! tragic.

while we were indulging in my delicious concoctions, my guy friends were lamenting about the pressure they feel to get married. this astounded me. last time i checked we were only 22 and most are still in college, (sadly with the end no where in sight...) apparently these facts have not stopped their parents, friends, and basically everyone else from expressing how they are failing by being single. i am glad i have not felt this pressure. i sometimes get annoyed with dating and the lack thereof, but i do not feel defective for not being someones wife. (though don't get me wrong, i am going to be a stellar wife)

as we talked about dating they decided to give me precious dating advice.

"bethany, you just need to think of this in terms that make sense. think of dating as selling a house. what do you do when you want to sell a house? you spruce it up and lower the price."

translation: wear more makeup, work on your outfits, and then settle for less.

(today i started my goal of running to class, i guess showing up smelling like a recess kid canceled out my 'sprucing up' shower the night before. this sprucing up thing is hard work)

oh there was also a reference to trim the hedges, carmen and i could only equate this to shaving our legs?

we (the girls, carmen and me) did get one bit of real advice, if you like a guy compliment him and touch him when you talk to him. apparently if you do this a couple of times they will clue in that you are crushing on them, and ask you out. SERIOUSLY? that's all it takes!? it came from the horses mouth so they had better be right, because now i am a girl with a plan of attack. watch out boys, your arms are going to be gingerly stroked as i seductively compliment your snazzy shoes and newly acquired button up shirt.

you may ask, what advice did we girls give?

ask girls out.

(they didn't love that that was all we had...)

oh and in regards to my recent blog about marriage:
the items that i listed are how i am now. my married friends pointed out that when you get married you have to compromise and i can't have everything where i want it etc. i know this and will gladly compromise in exchange for the tandem and decision making. the list is simply what the boy gets to deal with currently and inadventantly fall madly in love with. but lets be honest, when i move into my own apartment in the near future, my crazy habits will only be magnified...