no tacos, just the bell.

eat a cookie take a lookie
It was a sunday night like any other, and in Provo that seems to mean only one thing--everyone begrudgingly goes to Ward Prayer (a group of single young adults from the church get together supposedly to pray but we all know it is to eat and flirt, or munch and mingle, or eat-a-cookie take-a-lookie) to get their flirt on with all the new hott things in the area.  There i was, just sitting on the edge of the couch when i got trapped in a dating conversation:

Man: "how should i ask girls out? I mean, my roommate meets girls on campus and interacts with them for 20 seconds, finds out their name and adds them on Facebook. Should i try that?"

well your roommate is a drop dead gorgeous and charismatic, EVERYONE wants to be more than facebook friends with him...

Bethany: "Well i think works well for him but i think you should talk to them and feel out the situation. Some girls find that too forward or kinda creepy. I would get to know them and then call them if you want to ask them out."

is it odd that his facial expression reminded me of a muppet?
Man: "ooo, OOO." while moving his eye brows up and down like i have only seen muppets do

---approximately 20 hours later---

Bethany: "hello?"

Man: "hello Bethany, i was calling to see if you wanted to go to World of Dance this Friday night."

Bethany: "sure, that should be fun."

Man: "That's great. I left my car in Canada so i need to figure out how we are going to get there---"

Bethany: "I have a car and can drive."

Man: "--but i will let you know about the details later. Good bye"

Bethany: "Okay, I'll talk to you later."

---three days later---

Man: "I'm just calling to confirm our plans for tomorrow night."

Bethany: "yeah, I am still planning on coming."

Man: "Great, where would you like to meet?"

well, we live at the same complex about a mile and a half from campus, probably at one of our places...

Bethany: "Wherever works best for you will probably be fine."

Man: "Well i generally like to meet people by the Taco Bell in the Wilkenson Center (on campus)."

Bethany: "Alight, I will see you there at seven."

campus was about this alive on that friday night. 
And with that, I drove to campus to get some homework done before my hott date. As seven approached, i wandered over to the CougarEat (but i prefer you pronounce it the Cougareat, COO GARE EE ET) to wait by the beloved Taco Bell. At seven on the nose Man came skip stepping down the hallway, paused in front of the Taco Bell and me, and gave me a big "Hello!" as he raised his long arm for a high five. After the loud smack of our hands faded into the empty halls of campus, we wandered off into the biting cold to walk to the other end of the campus for the World of Dance without any tacos. I had no idea that you could meet at an eatery and not eat.

i like food this much.
no food on a date makes me thiiiiiiiis sad.
or hangry
The conversation was typical of any first date where you hardly know the other person: where are you from? why is your car in Canada still? what is your major? how many siblings do you have? did you work at a spice factory too? you know, the basics (we mostly talked about school and how his job in high school--i think--was at a spice factory and it made his car smell like Paprika for months).

We then sat down for the performance and naturally didn't talk or touch for the next hour and half.

On our walk to the lobby,

Man: "well, i guess now is the time when i call up my (drop dead gorgeous) roommate and try to convince him to come pick us up."

Bethany: "I parked over there by the Wilk..."

Man: "why do you always ride the bus then? I thought you didn't have a car"

i've never seen you on the bus...

Bethany: "I just like that i don't have to park or scrape snow off the bus."

you know the only thing that is cute
wearing a backpack?
a baby.
The walk was quick, quiet, and cold. Then, about ten steps from that awkward goodbye scene that all (okay most) first dates have he decided to get it over as quick as ripping off a infused-to-your skin bandaid;

Man--with his back towards me and his body already two steps into the crosswalk away from the parking lot: "well, i think i'm just going to go back inside and study some more, see you later!"

And with a giant wave of his hand and his quick good-bye he was off on a quest for academic excellence.

Did i mention he wore his backpack the entire date?

oh, i didn't?

well, he most certainly did.

I drove myself home, but first by some fast food since meeting at Taco Bell obviously doesn't guarantee you a taco...

and for a little update, facebook tells me that he is very happily married.