Thirty but still not Flirty

2017 was not a terrible year, in fact it was quite wonderful. The happier I get the more unhappy I realize I was in my past, (so, real sorry if I was super depressing to be around from like 2013-2016...). I still struggle with making friends/dating but I have settled into that glorious spot of adulthood where I slowly stop caring what other people think and it's making all the difference. 

So, here's my recap of my last year of my 20's, in no particular order, and maybe I should change my blog title...

I BOUGHT A HOUSE. If you can't tell by the all caps, this is a huge deal. I now have no money, a million projects and extra rooms for you to come stay in. Also, once upon a time I made it a goal to own a house before I turned 30, I came in a whole 8 days early. (crappy photos from the listing, a WHOLE post will be dedicated to this soon)

Was asked on my annual date and then promptly canceled after he sent me FIVE unsolicited selfies and one "morning love" text when we had only just met.  And for the record, he looked NOTHING like the photos he sent, please do not set me up with guys that look like Lil Wayne because you assume that is what I'm into. Also, four of those photos are basically the same, WHY?! And why is this the ONLY guy that has been openly (I'm still hoping there is secret love lurking in the hearts of the guys I want to date) into me this year?!

Traveled to France with my gal pal Paige

Traveled to northern Idaho.

Went to Philly twice in a month, I just can't seem to get enough of those crazy Kimball kids.

When I surprised Jenny with my visit to Philly, I did it at the Wait Wait Don't Tell Me show.

I forced Milo to have a photoshoot in his wedding outfit.

Levi got married. It was the most fun wedding I have ever been to. Like roaming magician, synchronized swimmers, more food than you could image, wedding. Not to mention, we are pretty stoked on the bride joining our family. 

and we roasted Levi with a video of our nieces and nephews re-enacting our most memorable moments. (below are my two, WATCH THEM, you will thank me and they are only a few seconds each).

I traveled to Los Angeles a couple times, it is a convenient place to stay for a day before I go somewhere else. And every time, at some point, five of us enevitably end up in Lynsey and Brandon's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" bed to watch Plant Earth together. 

I hired an employee, which was super easy because we have been friends for almost a decade. She listens to all my crazy stories, puts up with my way of boss-ing, encourages my party planning/forcing our neighbors to hangout with us, lets me go on vacation (I have NEVER been out of my office this much before!) and even hangs out with me sometimes outside of work! 

I did Whole 30 and lost 11lbs while eating an obscene amount of mayo.

The movie I was in, Tim Timmerman's Hope of America, finally had its theatrical release. I asked a guy to go with me (and he didn't realize I was even in it hahahaha) and had one guy, months later, recognize me at the grocery store #winning (and since that will never happen again I made him take a selfie).

I "ran" my first half marathon, actually any race over 5k, with my siblings and their spouses.

Traveled to southern Africa with my sister, Mallory, and her husband, Collin. We took two flights, one train and had three rental cars in order to cover the insane distance of 3 countries (Namibia, South Africa and Lesotho).

I was support crew for my brother and brother-in-law's 100 mile race thru the mountains of Idaho. We all got a little delirious there near the end...

I gave myself the title of work neighborhood party thrower. I think my neighbors are okay with it (solely because I feed them).

I was the stand in for the child model on a catalog photoshoot and produced my best (and only) Christmas card yet.

I learned how to brown butter and my chocolate chip cookies will never be the same.

I caught 2 bouquets and had my first "bachelor" party (i shared a hotel room with the groom, a groomsmen and a bridesmaid the night before my friends got married. The groom had graciously let me stay at his house in Norway when I visited so he didn't think it was weird at all... Europeans. We, the girls, made sure he ate breakfast and got to the temple on time so I guess it was good we were there).

I made my sisters, sister in-laws and mom travel to a cabin in Idaho for my 30th birthday. I made ALL the desserts and gave everyone gift bags, Oprah style, of all my favorite things.

My business had its best year ever, doing almost 1.5 times the volume of 2016 (and up until now that had been our best year). We also bought a forklift and I surprise everyone with my skills--often in a dress and heels.

I occasionally started dying my hair (and hands) pink.

I did not go to church. This got its own blog post and that honestly hardly covered anything. For me, it was more stressful and than peaceful and leaving has helped me feel more calm. It has also given me hope for finding a healthy relationship one day (dating and church caused more stress than I could handle, the combination is mostly responsible for the 40 lbs I gained if that gives you any indication...)

I won over my work neighbor's dog. It is one of my prouder moments, he is terrified of EVERYTHING and it took months. Now he comes to see me daily (and I like to think its for my winning personality and not just the treats...). He is disgusting, always drooling and flinging it around, but for some reason he is my favorite--next to Milo of course (and he IS Milo's favorite, he has a big old crush on Charles)

I worked way too much and often had dance parties of 1 late at night (songs of choice were: Shiny Happy People and Birdhouse In Your Soul, it was a weird year)

I spent New Years being sick and celebrating on east coast time with my sisters and their families.

I drove to Idaho to watch the eclipse. TOTALITY worth it!


I cut off at least 6 inches of hair. It was long so you probably don't notice, but it was a lot. I told myself I wasn't attached and wouldn't be sad, but then I realized I can no longer tie my hair in a knot on top of my head. I left work one day because I got too sad and frustrated that I didn't have a hair tie and couldn't tie my hair up. (the after photo is a screenshot, but even it's poor quality is better than I can fix it--your hair never looks as good as walking out of the salon)

I forced (it was pretty easy) my brother/business partner and employee to reverse trick or treat to our work neighbors. 

And I took some photos I actually love. I haven't been shooting as much as I used to, so this was a nice change.

Now what's in store for 2018?

Its been almost 2 years since I went on a legit (guy asks, plans and pays) date, maybe I should try harder, okay fine try at all, at this thing...subtle hints are obviously not working. 

I want to finish getting in shape and shed the last 20lbs I have been lugging around...

I want to read again. I moved SO MANY books into my house, I used to read all the time but the last 5 years or so I mostly iPad bad tv shows...

I will travel to Europe with my siblings and mom.

I will YouTube my way thru house repairs.

I will pay off an obscene amount of tax and loan debt.

I will NOT buy a ridiculous amount of shoes or clothes or furniture. 

I'm already pretty stoked about this whole being 30 thing.