he kicked the bucket!

We all have bucket lists. Sure they became more prevalent after the Morgan Freeman movie, but we all know we secretly had one before those two crusty old men made them hip. 

My friend Allison, was recently reading me hers and it inspired me for the first time to jot down my own list.  There are a few that i have tried-some failed miserably and some (1?) been conquered-but the best ones are still awaiting my mad conquering skillz. 

And with that, meet my current 'Bucket List.' 

Now lets hope that it isn't like my favorite Bright Eyes song, Nothing Gets Crossed Out, and more like the opening sequence of It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World where i will 'kick the bucket' with as much vigor as a decrepit dying old man. 

Now as for the ones that i have tried and failed:

Hike Timp: 
Well i tried once and alas my friends and i took a wrong turn and ended up going 4 miles in the opposite direction, that kinds kills your desire to hike another entire trail...
Then i have tried doing the midnight hike a couple of times but my 'friends' have bailed every time.
I need new friends. Now accepting applications for friends that like hiking, oh and me. You must like me. 

Eat an ENTIRE box or Oreos in one sitting:
Let's just say that i have never felt so putrid/nauseated/overdosed on shortening in all of my life. But one day, perhaps when i am great with child and crave gross thing, i will power through the pain.

Sky Dive in New Zealand:
I had the option to sky dive in the most beautiful country in the whole world and i passed it up to buy a couch when i came back to the states (it made sense at the time, they were about the same price). I love my couch, but sky diving probably would have been more memorable... So sometimes i dive into my couch and pretend that New Zealand is below me, it has yet to evoke any sort of adventurer spirit in me... perhaps i should try jumping off my ottoman into the couch, you know, get a bit more height...

Now for the ones that i am in the process of completing:
Own enough books for a home library:
I am currently at 324 which doesn't account the few that are out on loan. By the way, i have great taste in literature. never doubt me. And 1000 books is probably not enough, lets shoot for 10k  

Visit every continent:
I have been to: North America, Europe, and Asia, less than half, weak i know...  oh wait, Lynsey reminded me that we went to New Zealand and Australia for Thanksgiving. Chalk that up to 4!

Bury a Treasure:
I don't like to spend $1 bills, it makes me not use as much cash and pass up on the small things. Because of this i have a secret spot in my apartment for all of my ones. One day, these will be the base of my buried treasure OR i will tape them to the back of a work of art so when someone 100 years from now finds my 'fine art' photograph at a yard sale they will be pleasantly surprised by the hundreds of dollars hiding in the homemade frame.                

Have a Six Pack:
Jillian Michaels has been kicking my trash for the last week... she claims that you can look like her work out lackey (who has a killer stomach) in 'no time at all' with her shredded workout, she best be telling the truth...

Have a Sappy Romance Worthy of an Olson Twin Movie/Get Married:
um yeah, perhaps my post on dating would enlighten this subject... Dating is weird and this crazy phenomenon keeps happening; boys know me for a long time but never hang out, they hangout with me once and decide i am very cool,/witty/awesome/good cook etc., they hangout with me a lot for a month (or a few if i am lucky) and then they drop off the face of the earth. i should work on that.

They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, if that were true i would have been a child bride. liars. but that doesn't stop me from having a dozen dark chocolate/peanut butter cupcakes in my oven at this very moment.

And for the ones that are DONE.

Own a home:
My siblings and i just purchased a home together. I don't own 100% of it, but for now 12% is okay by me.

Go to a Movie Alone:
I have never wanted to be one of those people who is afraid of being alone, hence i wanted to do the thing that most people never do alone. I haphazardly fulfilled this one: meet one of my recent Facebook statuses: (and yes it was a thursday night which made it all the more random...)
you see, a boy invited me to go see Thor with his friends for his birthday. 
I don't think that accidentally going into the wrong theater and thinking that i was only a few rows below him and his friends won me any points in the 'awesome and smart girl' category...

But hey, at least a dozen of my facebook friends enjoyed my amazing mistake.

oh i guess there are few more i am half way through completing.
i have seen about a bajillion bands, including almost touching Bono last week, if only i was ten feet tall instead of 5'4"... 

oh and i am trying to cook more. 

(bands i have seen, and yes i realize that some are WAY better than others, but if i'm counting i'm going to count them all)
1. the band of annuals 2. the get up kids (x3) 3. the format (x3) 4. the counting crows 5. the all american rejects 6. limbeck 7. ben folds 8. beruit 9. belle and sebastian 10. bright eyes 11. stars 12. the aquabats 13. dashboard confessional 14. she & him 15. modest mouse (x2) 16. harry connick jr. 17. U2 18. the fray 19. the new amsterdams (x2) 20. Mae 21. vendetta red 22. anathalo 23. matisyahu 24. built to spill (x3) 25. death cab for cutie 26. doug martsch 27. the killers 28. rilo kiley 29. m. ward 30. rooney 31. sufjan stevens