damn you, hitchcock

Recently one of my friends was surprised to hear that i am not afraid of living alone.  Honestly, it isn't that bad, i live in a safe area and have neighbors all of ten feet from me so i never feel too uncomfortable, that is-until i have to shower.

Showering in an empty house has always given me the heebeegeebees. There is something so unsettling about being in a house and then in a bathroom and then in a shower behind the curtain. So many spaces within a space, it is like being the littlest nesting doll-then to top it off you are being pelted by water. Horrible.

I have however found a solution to my showering woes. And no, it is not showering less (we all know that is virtually impossible...). I, being the cheap housewares connoisseur that i am, only purchased the clear inside shower curtain. Since my bathroom is so small and doesn't have a vent, i have to shower with the door open. Now with the clear curtain i can see 25% of my apartment while showering. Problem solved, i have now migrated from a nesting doll-stuck in a dark cramped space, to a baby kangaroo-only partially in the pouch.

I am pretty sure that my fear of showers came from my childhood obsession with $0.49 classic movie rentals at Hastings. Everyday during the summer i would ride my bike to Hastings and pick out a new movie. I am pretty sure i have seen every Audrey Hepburn, Gary Grant, Fred Astaire, Doris Day, Jimmy Stewart and Alfred Hitchcock film Hastings carried. I adored all of them, probably too much for a 10 year old born in the 80's and not the 40's... all that is, but Psycho. Even though i had watched a behind the scenes on Hitchcock and knew that the blood in the infamous shower scene was chocolate syrup, i never got over the creepiness of a man dressed in women's clothes repeated stabbing a poor transient embezzler.

Yep, Psycho has to be to blame for this. Before i got super into classic movies i used to shower in the dark because we had super fun glow in the dark wallpaper. Nothing like showing with glowing kids doing cartwheels surrounding you... (the wallpaper however in sighted the need in me to do acrobatics in the shower. I am more than slightly surprised that i never broke my arm jumping between the two built in seats in the shower...)