camera, clouds, keys?

today i decided that i would try some landscape photography.
i don't do this type often but the weather was gorgeous and i NEED to spend more time with my camera
(which by the way i am taking name suggestions for him/her).
i went to the lake earlier today but just as suspected the lighting was less then desirable. later this evening i was driving home with my friends and couldn't resist heading back to the lack for the 'sweet light' of the evening.

being a photographer is more like being a light chaser. i almost missed the entire sunset but was lucky enough to get to the lake in time to take a series of images for a panorama.

feeling rather satisfied with my current selection of luscious pink clouds i headed back to my car only to realize that my purse, keys and everything else of worth (like my chapstick... my lips hurt real bad) was locked in my car. i have this great ocd habit of pushing my lock button on the way out of my car EVEN THOUGH i knew i wasn't taking my keys or purse out.

since it was sunday divine intervention was on my side. not twenty minutes before this i added one of my friend's number to my phone, besides being incredibly good looking and amazing-he can break into cars.

one phone call and twenty minutes later he showed up with his roommate and almost instantly had me in my car just as lighting was beginning to strike.

(there was only one slight mishap, his car came within inches of mine as it took off down the road by itself...)

my finished image.
9 vertical images stitched together with the original panorama being 74 inches wide...