I always like to think of myself as a classy gal. I pride myself in the outfits i create on a daily basis and that i do classy things like seal letters with wax. I enjoy old movies and a good book. I love the way food looks when it is dished up neatly on a plate. I am classy.

However, after looking through all my photos from New Zealand I realized that I make a LOT of unfortunate, less than classy, faces.

And I wonder why I am single...

getting ready to go caving
this is what happens after 30 hrs of travel
lynsey sat on me on the rope
swing and i got a rope burn on my thigh,
go figure.
okay so i don't look that bad,
but Lynsey's face is priceless.

that is what i thought of the stinky boiling mud.
Tim Tam Slam!
nighttime antics. 
and my super amazing outfit that i hiked 8 hours in.
I didn't know we were hiking and neglected
to pack decent hiking attire...
utah hair? in new zealand?
once again another swing accident.