packing minimalist

Lets go over my last few hours, shall we?

6:15pm rush home from the dog park with Milo to make it to ward temple night
6:30 decide the line is too long at the provo temple so we drive to the mt. timpanogoes temple.
6:50 arrive at timp to find out they are randomly closed. EPIC FAIL.
7:00 start writing my research paper on Robert Capa (who i may or may not be totally in love with, only if you were still alive, young, and tweezed your eye brows, this could be a beautiful love affair)
8:00 bake cookies to keep me awake
10:00 shower (third day in a row, this is a record. seriously.)
10:30 take a cat nap
11:20 back to Capa
1:00am eat more cookies, drink more coke
3:30 FINISHED my paper
3:31 second cat nap
5:03 edit my Communal
6:45 get dressed/ready?
7:00 finish packing
7:25 go to the library to print off my paper 
7:59 turn in my paper, before the 8am deadline
8:03 go the print lab, print Communal images
8:45 edit Harley Davidson images
9:00 turn in prints and edits
9:30 go to work
11:00 leave for airport

and that is why when i first started packing my suitcase looked like this:

I mean who wants to actually pack after a hellish night like that?!

I have the necesities. 
      Camera (actually two with a few lens etc)
yup, got it all covered.

Okay, so i did pack a little more. I did add a few shirts, one skirt, my trusty Chacos, running attire, and toiletries. BUT i am still a packing minimalist. When i got to the airport i realized that my bag has tons of extra space, like a lot, like i could fit a small child in there too. does this mean i am forgetting something important?

oh well. i guess that is why God put stores in New Zealand too.

on a different note:

please admire this image that is on the inside of my super industrial camera bag.


I, unfortunately, do not have any whitey tighties that are hot and steamy, right out of the drier to pack.

well that about sums up my: paper, photography, editing, blogging, working, coke drinking, cookie baking, temple going, dog chasing- day.

now i am off to L.A. (currently i am in Denver), then Auckland, and then Wellington. good think i just recently became one of those people that is dead to the world 15 minutes before take off. (but the flight from SLC to Denver scared the living daylights out of me, i was so out of it that when the plane took off i couldn't remember where I was and about crapped my pants when the plane shot in the air...)