and the verdict is...


After being in the photography program at BYU for three years I am finally on the BFA track.
I applied once before in April and didn't get in, so this is even more exciting.
So get ready 2012, for my BFA show.

Though the BA and BFA degrees are very similar, the BFA is just slightly more time consuming and instead of majoring in art with an emphasis in photography it is basically a degree in photography. Now besides just taking the normal photography classes I will have to do a final show and an internship.
(which for the time being, I am thinking Martha Stewart Studios is calling my name... :) )

anyway, I am SUPER excited to finally have my last grueling college application over with. That combined with my neighbor turning off her porch light at night (which shines directly into my window and is not stifled by the blackout curtains and three sheets over my window...) I have been sleeping like a baby.

the funny thing is, i still can't register for classes.
For the last year i have had to add classes on the first day because you have to be a BFA student to register online. Today i was relieved that i could finally register before the first day, then i found out i have a hold on my account.
stupid ecclesiastical endorsement interview i forgot to have...